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Men's Health Month: What you need to know about men and mental health

June 13, 2019

As we recognize men's health month this June, we are reminded that mental health is just as important as physical health.

The Men's Health Network says that suicide, one of the top 10 causes of death, is more than three times as likely to be a cause of death for men than women.

This startling statistic shows the value of understanding possible causes and signs of depression in men that could potentially lead to suicide.

Certain life events, such as unemployment, military, combat exposure, trauma and being isolated are just a few possible reasons men might experience depression or suicidal thoughts.

Instead of seeking help, some men may attempt to "self-medicate" through substance use and alcohol, which only deepens depression and encourages impulsive tendencies.

One major reason men do not seek help for their depression is the stigma surrounding mental health.

Another key element is communication. It's common for men to bottle up their feelings. For many generations, societies have encouraged men to be "strong" and not admit when they're struggling.

Clearwater Counseling, PC encourages parents to start talking to their sons about this behavior early on. It's critical to let male youth know that it is completely acceptable to express their feelings and admit when they need help.

If a loved one is experiencing a difficult change in their life, it's vital that support is readily available. Encourage the men in your life to discuss what might be bothering them. Be a listening ear and a helping hand. Let them know that help is out there and they are not alone.

Clearwater Counseling, PC's staff is committed to helping end the stigma surrounding mental health. If you or someone you know is struggling, please don't wait -- reach out to us today. Our understanding and compassionate professionals are just a phone call (or email) away.

To schedule an appointment with us, please call 308-210-8487 or email us at

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