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Four​ ways to show yourself some love this V-Day

February 3, 2021

While Valentine's Day is meant to be a day full of joy and love, sometimes people may feel lonely or left out on this holiday. To help make V-Day extra special for everyone this year, we've compiled a list of ways to show yourself some love.

1. Plan a Self-Care Day/Night

Whether this means lounging in the bath tub with a book and a glass of wine or binge watching Netflix with a clay face mask on, allow yourself to be pampered for the entire day/evening. What we're saying is: schedule that mani/pedi, enjoy some retail therapy or simply take that mid-day nap that you desperately deserve. 

2. Buy Yourself Candy, Flowers, Etc.

Who says you have to wait for someone else to spoil you with gifts and treats? Not us! Order yourself a dozen roses, pick up that box of chocolate at the grocery store (the one that's calling your name), or treat yourself to a fancy dinner if you feel like it. And don't forget to bake or buy yourself some cookies for dessert! 

3. Do Something That Makes You Happy

If it's yoga, or crafting, or even hiking that makes you unbelievably happy, then DO IT.  If exploring a new city or wandering through an art museum sounds like an incredible way to spend your afternoon, then that's exactly what you should be doing. Spend your Valentine's Day in your "happy place" doing what you love. 

4. Make A List Of Things You Love About Yourself

This may feel strange at first, but writing down the things you love about yourself can be extremely rewarding. Spend some time reflecting on all of the qualities that make you so lovable. Remind yourself that you are worthy of self-care, forgiveness, positivity, and - most importantly - love

If you're ever feeling down or lonely, don't be afraid to seek help. At Clearwater Counseling, PC, we are here to offer support and a listening ear. We can help you navigate through your challenges with the proper tools. Have questions or want to schedule your appointment? Call (308) 210-8487 or email 

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