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Clearwater Counseling, PC now offers teletherapy services

July 18, 2019

Teletherapy, the act of providing therapy through a live video connection online, is undoubtedly changing the landscape of the mental health profession by offering counselors the ability to virtually provide the same in-person services to clients from afar.

Clearwater Counseling, PC has recently embarked on this technological journey, now offering these services to clients across the state of Nebraska.

While some may wonder what all the hype is about, we can assure you that there are a number of benefits to keep in mind when considering teletherapy.

For starters, teletherapy offers convenience and flexibility. These services are available to clients in the comfort of their own home, office or remote location. Those who dread sitting in traffic or waiting in therapy offices can now feel at ease in a comfortable setting of their choice.

Privacy is yet another focal point clients might look at when contemplating these services, as teletherapy eliminates the chance of running into people you may know at the therapy office.

Additionally, one factor that might be overlooked is the instance of illness. Even when clients are fighting a severe flu or virus that may be extremely contagious, teletherapy allows them to receive the mental health services they need without putting the health of others at risk.

It's also been noted that communication between client and therapist is often made easier through teletherapy, as there is no middleman, so to speak, which can ease relations and improve the overall experience.

Possibly one of the greatest perks to teletherapy services is the access it offers for remote patients and disabled populations. This tool can literally be used to reach anyone without any hassle.

No matter what the reasoning is, teletherapy is a popular option for many clients who are seeking mental health services. Clearwater Counseling, PC is excited to be able to provide these unique services in order to accommodate both new and existing clients. We believe that all individuals deserve access to quality mental health care and teletherapy has aided this effort.

Whether in person or on the screen, Clearwater Counseling, PC is committed to serving our clients with the absolute best care possible. To schedule your teletherapy or in-person appointment, email us at

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